Welcome to Agawam North Rehab and Nursing

Welcome to Agawam North Rehab and Nursing, where compassionate care meets excellence in skilled nursing. Our facility is your home for short-term rehabilitation or long-term care, and we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of service for all our residents. Whether you're here for a brief recovery period or choosing us as your trusted long-term care partner, we understand that each individual has unique needs and preferences.

Clinical Services

At the heart of our campus are our dedicated and expertly trained staff members who embody the values of care, empathy, and professionalism. They go above and beyond to ensure that every resident experiences the highest standard of care, not only for their physical health but also for their emotional and mental well-being.

Nursing Care

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Post-Op Care

Long Term Care

Short Term Care

Physical Therapy

Resident Life

Our engaging activities, therapeutic programs, and carefully designed living spaces are geared toward enhancing the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of our residents.


Went the extra mile

PT, OT and Nursing worked very hard with me to reach my goals. Therapy went the extra mile to get me home safely!
– R.M.


The nurses are great. The nurse’s aids are fantastic. They checked in on me frequently and would keep me company when I had trouble sleeping. Therapy was also fantastic and very good. The meals were filling and good.
– Kathleen L.

Wonderful care

My grandmother went to here after she fractured her hip. She was there for a short period of time and the care was wonderful. PT/OT was outstanding!! They worked very well with her. This is the only place she will go to for rehab!”
– L.W.

Compassionate care

You listen to your patients! You are knowledgeable in your field. You are compassionate and empathetic to your patients’ needs. Everyone took great care of me. I couldn’t do it on my own. I am very grateful to everyone for getting me better.
– Roberta B.

Great staff and food

Nursing staff–excellent. Love the food menu. Room very clean! Thank you! Therapists– a pleasure to work with.
– Gerald W.

Outstanding care

The care here is outstanding. Very professional. Nurses aides, PT, OT and everyone is very professional and they do their jobs very well.
– William P.